Edgerank checker tool a myth

If you have found my blog post searching for ‘Edgerank checker’ or a variable of that search term, let me tell you straight that nobody have created or anybody can create a tool called Facebook EdgeRank checker. The whole reason behind Facebook explaining Edgerank algorithm was to educate Facebook users and marketers on how they list news items in your news feed (mostly ‘Top News’).

We can also finda new website which popped up recently called edgerankchecker.com with a title ‘check your Facebook edgerank’. They have created that website just to get benefit from the number of users searching for the keyword terms ‘edge rank checker’. Please don’t expect them to give you a edge rank score as its totally impossible to compute a number. As I have explained what is Facebook Edgerank in my earlier post, it clearly compute the engagement between a user and an object at a particular time. You can never enter a number or value of each of the component which when multiplied gives you the edge rank score.

If you want to have a high edgerank score with a user or if you want your posts to be viewed by majority of your users, just increase your engagement with your friends / fan followers and you can see the impressions going up (which will be because your edgerank with that user have increased).Please see the below screenshot from my photography fan page . I had 3600 fans when I took this screen shot and I have received an impressions for more than 9000+ Facebook users. Also please check the number of likes and comments too for that update.


facebook edgerank checker

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  2. A wonderful post … and I SO agree with it!

    I’ve been trying to explain that it doesn’t mean anything when you say ‘My Page has a EdgeRank of 127’. Meaningless! And it’s such a relief to see that I’m not the only one who realises this.

    Well done you!

    And what LOVELY photography. So tell me, how do you get your Fans to engage rather than just Like your Page and disappear?

    • Thanks Jane for the comment. I’m glad that the article made sense to you.

      As you have asked me another question in the comment related to ‘engaging users in Facebook’ , I think I should write a separate post to explain that complicated topic. I will definitely keep you updated once the post is there.

      Thanks again,

    • It’s stated very clearly on that site that the score measures “the direct results of EdgeRank” and not EdgeRank itself (despite the name, lol). So even if it’s really a visibility score, you can still use it to gauge how well your page is doing overall.

  3. Esteban Contreras

    This post has no weight to it. There’s no evidence and there’s no real explanation. And the example has nothing to do with the main point. If anything, this is a post benefitting from the people searching for “check edge rank.”

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