My predictions for SEO in 2011

Here are some of my predictions for SEO in 2011 .

  • Google SEO is first and now Bing SEO is second

In 2010 , the SEO market was clearly focusing on Google SEO and the main reason being the search market share for bing was mere 11% . That trend has changed this year (has gone up) and it was reported recently that its been some where around 25 -30% now. So I truly believe that SEO engineers will have to deal with two search engines now equally for their clients and follow each search engines closely with their technology updates.

  • Anti-social will fail your SEO

We have seen a lot of  SEO engineers not much serious about Social Media and push the work to the marketing team. It’s been also seen when corporate leaders never feel social media and SEO are related in any ways and are two different sectors. All that is going to change in 2011,  as improving link building and link bait tricks can be made possible through social media. Social media marketing is going to be part of SEO strategies for corporate marketing decisions. The best supporting reason  being Bing incorporating Facebook likes into their search results.Google still trying hard to bring a better explanation on incorporating Social search to their main search result pages.

  • Click Through Rate (CTR) and ranking algorithm will mingle more

Google is pretty serious in using their click through rates (CTR’s) and making a smart decision improvising their search algorithm to incorporate decisions using this ‘data about data’ . The usage based data will be utilized this year  into their ranking algorithms to remove spam and showcase more read content.

  • Link Exchange going to die in 2011

2004-2005 saw the rise of Link exchange , but the trend for it has went low drastically. We will see no SEO expert putting their time on link exchange and will concentrate in bringing  the latest SEO strategies into play.

  • SEO Experts will need lot of skill sets

SEO experts will need to be an expert in lot of areas and the list of areas are  going to grow big. Some of the areas being Web analytics , Social Media , Improving site accessibility , improving Link/traffic , compete in vertical results (youtube, google images, google news, google blog search) etc etc . And of course there are lot of new items going to be added in this list.

I think we will have a tons of new predictions and soon we can consolidate into one list.

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