Sep 11

Google Analytics adds real time stats feature

The Google Analytics team has done it again – a new  innovative Analytics report – GA real time . Basically the real time report is going to give you an idea on the metrics when it’s just happens on your site. Something that any marketer or product owner wants to know when launches something new to their website. This was a feature that only Adobe Omniture’s SiteCatalyst used to have and now Google is ready to be at par with.
Google Analytics adds real time stats feature
What are the pros from this new feature in GA real time?

  • Hourly metric analysis

Web analysts and website optimizers can have a better understanding on their daily traffic numbers. They will be able to answer a few questions like

  1. What are the different traffic peak times for their website?
  2. Segmentation of traffic sources (direct/search/referral) in different time slots like hourly.
  3.  Usage metrics – bounces, conversions in different time of the day
  • Campaign analysis and measurement

If you are a marketer and you are launching a new campaign, real-time data can give you lot of good metrics to analyze you campaign performance. The data will give you a better understanding on what went well and what didn’t go well, which can eventually help you plan your next campaign in a better way.

  • Instant Social Media tracking

If you manage social media campaigns, this feature can help you understand social metrics in a better and faster way. It can help you decide the most converting social media tool to use at the correct time slot of the day.

How to access GA real time now?

If you want to access Google analytics real time feature, you need to switch to their new interface. Right now they can be accessed in the dashboards section but eventually move near the “home” section.
Accessing Google Analytics real time
They are still rolling out the feature to more users but if you want to be an early adopter, please visit this link and send the team a access request. These reports are accessible for everybody and is all free.

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