Sep 11

How is site speed and SEO related?

There are already lots of hints from Google employees (who guides SEO’s) like Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts that Google is indeed incorporating site speed in SEO and search rankings. Even the Google Webmaster team blogged about it recently. I would like to add more to it and be more descriptive on how site speed can be related to SEO and how site speed can improve your rankings, user experience etc.
Here are some of the reasons and evidences that site speed is important for Google :

  • Google webmaster tools (GWT) reports average site speed for your website. Please login to GWT > Labs > Site performance. Also find more details here. Clearly explains that Google wants  you to know your website’s average page load speed when google crawlers visited your site.
  • Google’s recent panda update mentions about page speed. The panda updates points to conversion rates and time on site but I would stress that they both are much related with site speed. Will add more details to support that.
  • Google’s efforts to make internet and web faster through Google Code – page speed
  • Google’s recent stride into content delivery –Google Page speed service

From the above links it’s very clear that Google considers site speed very important and one of the factor in deciding on search rankings. Also on top of the getting higher rankings, there are other benefits from improving your site speed and they are:

  • Site speed brings more conversions (if you sell something or even if you are increasing your userbase through subscriptions )
  • More pages are visited by users if you have a faster website.
  • Users spend more time on your site.
  • More likely to visit back your website as they had a good time the last time they were in your site.

Please find the complete AOL optimization report here
All the points mentioned above help Google decide that your website is high quality and will help never get affected through future panda updates. Please check the following link which clearly explains what are some of the questions panda update tries to answer – Amit Singhal’s update. .
Please check back for future blog posts which talks more about site speed and SEO, how you can improve and various tools to check site speed.

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